Tuesday, March 22, 2011

T-Town Ronny

Well, we saw the oncologist today and she said they can't do a needle biopsy of Ron's lung.  So they are going to proceed with the removal of the cancer at the original kidney site and then in 2 months do another PET scan to see if the lung nodule has grown anymore and if it has they will schedule surgery to remove it.  If the other 4 nodules have grown as well then we will have to re-evaluate what comes next.  So what we know for sure is that we are headed back to the kidney doctor to schedule surgery.  In my mind we are no worse off this afternoon than we were 2 weeks ago and that's good.

During the recent estate sale I came across a characature of my favorite guy that was done when he was in college.  Now, Ron was a very straight laced young man who had never had a drink until he joined a fraternity.  It seems his fraternity brothers decided it was time he be initiated into the world of embibement.  They took Ron to Tulsa where they proceeded to get him his first "drunk" experience.  During the event they had a characture done of Ron in which he was later nicknamed "T-Town Ronny"!

I thought it was hysterical so of all the things in the estate sale I wanted this picture.  It's so funny because it is so out of character for Ron.  It just cracks me up!


kenju said...

It is funny - and I don't even know him. We have a cariacature of mr. kenju dribbling a basketball. His head is so large!!

Hope the surgery goes well and the nodules don't grow.

marciamayo said...

I think most of us of a certain age have one of those caricatures hidden away somewhere. I wonder where mine is.

Arkansas Patti said...

Oh those red eyes look painful. Takes courage and a sense of humor to have a caricature done.
Wishing you both the best on the surgery. One thing at a time.