Friday, June 14, 2019


I saw my oncologist yesterday and got the results of my recent CAT scan.  Everything looked great.  Great improvement.  In fact so great I don't have to see her anymore since my lung doctor is following up with regular scans.  I was very pleased.  And the only change I have made in treatment is the cannabis oil.  My lungs are so much clearer now it's amazing.  My energy is increasing every day.  I couldn't be happier.

Tuesday I get to pick up little miss at daycare and we are going to the museum to look at dinosaur  bones.  I think I'll take her for a hamburger afterwards.  I can't wait.  I enjoy the little stinker so much!

Ron is seeing a new neurologist this morning.  He just hasn't been happy with his current medication and wants to see if this doctor will have any new suggestions.  

Today is my brother Mike's 71st birthday.  We took him out last night for a birthday dinner.  He's doing good.  One day at a time is what I tell him every day.  But all in all he's doing well.

We actually had more rain last night.  I don't think we will dry out in Oklahoma until August.  We can just sit outside and watch the grass grow.  Of course I know by the end of the summer we will be praying for rain so I'd better not complain.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

More pokes and prodding

Last week we were dog sitting Ellie's sister Winnie.  It went pretty well but was a challenge with all the rain we've been having.  My floors were horrible.  Finally got everything clean yesterday.  

Today I had another CT scan with contrast.  Fortunately the IV was started on the first stick and no one had to go get an ultrasound machine to find a vein.  I think all the water I've been drinking helped a lot....plumped up those veins. I see the oncologist on Thursday to get the results. 

I still haven't gotten the results of the stomach biopsy but I'm sure if it had been bad someone would have called by now.  I'm giving the office a call tomorrow though.

I must say that all this rain sure has made the flowers grow.  Our backyard is really in bloom. 

I had my favorite visitor over Saturday for a play date.  She looked like she had grown a foot in just the past two weeks.  She had us hopping for five hours playing catch in the backyard and blowing bubbles.  She is one busy bee.  I was glad I was feeling pretty good although Ron had to help keep her entertained because I couldn't keep up.  Friday night we are taking her to see The Life of Pets II.  I think I'm more excited to see it than Piper.  I thought the first movie was darling.

For some reason I didn't sleep hardly at all last night.  Maybe 3 hours total so I'm just exhausted tonight.  I'm heading to bed.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

CBD oil - is it the new magix elixcor?

I've been taking CBD oil now for about 6 weeks.  I was put on a low and slow dosage plan.  I've settled now at 13 drops (under the tongue) twice a day.  I can't say I have experienced any miraculous cure of anything but I can say that I'm beginning to notice a decrease of some symptoms.

1.  Mucus production is lower.  It is easier to clear my lungs now than before I started.

2.  Energy level is beginning to improve.  Yesterday was one of the better days that I've had in quite a while.

3.  I have a knee that is in need of a joint replacement.  I'm walking better now after starting the oil.

One of the conditions that there has been reported improvement is anxiety.   Since I don't really suffer from anxiety I can't weigh in on whether it helps.

I had just reached a place where I felt I had nothing to lose in trying it.  I did some research before I decided on which one to try.  I'm taking HempWorx because it is only one of a few that are actually inspected for purity.  There are currently no government regulations on cbd oil and every Tom, Dick and Harry is setting up shop to sell it.  I get it from a physician's assistant who became interested after taking it herself.  She had a lung condition that had reduced her lung capacity by 75%.  After 9 months she had improved it to 90%.  

So I figured why not try it.  I have been in constant contact with the PA during the whole process and she has guided me as to when to increase the dosage and when to back down.  You are required to drink half your body weight in ounces of water per day.  This has been good for me in general because I've never been too good about getting enough water. 

I'll let you know what I experience as I go along.

Monday, June 3, 2019

Fighting Fatigue and T-Mobile

Fatigue is my biggest problem lately.  I get up and dressed about every other day now.  I have enough energy to navigate what I need to do one day and then I need the next to recover.  Yesterday I cooked my brother's weekly meals and today I recovered.  I've made a note to talk to the doctor about this new development.

Ellie's sister is staying with us for a week.  Ellie is having a hard time sharing Ron and I with her.  She finally allowed Winnie to sit in our laps this evening but it took her all day to concede.  She is definitely an only dog.  

I forgot to mention I have a CT scan on the 11th and the the oncologist again on the 13th.  I hope I have the results of the stomach biopsy by then.  Still no word from them.

Two years ago my brother's identity was stolen.  Someone used his social security number to order $2300 worth of I-phones over the telephone. They were delivered to my brother's old address and picked up by the thief.  (Not a very good practice on T-Mobiles part)  We sent them the police report but they continue to turn it over to collection agencies.  I put a hold on Mike's credit so no one could open another account in his name but the collection agencies still call.  Tomorrow I'm going to visit T-Mobile and tell them they are billing a schizophrenic and good luck with collecting.  I'm getting sick of the bullying.  Mike's not responsible for any debt according to the police.  So I'm giving the last a final copy of the police report to them and I'll throw in some advice for free.  STOP opening accounts over the phone...................... !!

Sunday, June 2, 2019


Wow we have been busy.  Lots of doctor appointments.  Scheduled and then rescheduled procedures.  The last lung wash and biopsy had to be canceled.  My hand had started hurting the Friday before the procedure and by the time I got to the hospital on Monday it was really hurting.  I had purchased a splint and had made an appointment with the hand specialist who removed thumb joints in my and 20 years ago.  I couldn't get in for another week so I thought I would be able to get the biopsy done.  But by the time I got in the operating room I just broke down in tears.  The doctor said nope not doing this today but sent me straight to the ER.  They exrayed my hand but didn't see anything.  Put hand in a sling, called hand doctor and got an appointment for the next day.  Thank goodness because by the time I got to see him my hand was 3 times normal size and red as a beet all the way to my shoulder.  Pain was unbearable..... Turned out to be cellulitis.  So I was on two antibiotics for 2 weeks and it took a month to recover.

So 2 weeks ago I had a lung wash and biopsy.  Results were good.  I also had an endoscopy and biopsy in my stomach.  Don't have results because their computers are down. I see the infectious disease doctor in July.

The highlight of all this is that my childhood friend from Arizona came to visit along with her husband.  It was a short stay but we had a good time.  I was a bit under the weather because of the 2 procedures that week but I pushed through.  I've reached the point where my stamina is low and I'm exhausted by 4:00 pm each day.  Still coughing all day and wheezing.  It just wears me out.  My official diagnosis is COPD.  Dr. D. is still trying to get it under control but Ron and I have decided that after all the tests and the appointment with Infection Disease if we don't have a new game plan we want to go to Denver to the Jewish Health Center.  They are world re-known for the treatment of lung disease . 

The new freezer has been a game changer for preparing my brother's meals.  I've been able to make several entrees and freeze them plus purchase in greater quantities.  It takes half the time to prepare the meals as in the past.  The only problem is that with all the rain we've had the backyard was a swamp.  Hard to get to the building.  So Ron made me a paver path and it is GREAT!  I love it!

Now no more muddy feet when it rains.  All we need now is to put a cover over the path. ha ha way too expensive.  I can carry an umbrella.

Mike is doing pretty good.  He is having a birthday on the 14th.  He'll be 71 years young as he says.  His physical health is still great.  Anxiety is up and down and he's as persistent as ever.  My niece is now cleaning his condo every week as it just got to be too much for me.  He enjoys having her company and its working out good for both of them.  

Ron is now 6 years cancer free.  We are so blessed!

Monday, March 25, 2019

And it's Monday

I spend most of my time trying to keep my calendar up-to-date.  Just keeping track of doctor appointments for myself and my brother is enough to make my head spin.  Right now I have 3 appointments with 3 different specialists.  

Mike has an appointment to get a heart monitor that he will wear for a couple of days.  This should be an interesting experiment.  It's just another thing to throw his routine out of wack.  I hope the monitor isn't too cumbersome or he won't wear it.  I also hope he doesn't become obsessed by it either.  There is never a happy balance.

I purchased a small upright freezer.  I plan to use it to store prepared meals for Mike.  The bottom freezer in my refrigerator just isn't big enough and I'm always running out of space.  I really hope the additional freezer space helps.

After doing some further research on the Flexogenix clinic and patient results I've decided not to give it a try.  From all the reviews I was able to find the injections do not relieve pain as frequently or to the extent they suggested.  I think I'll just stick with my orthopedist.  I'm always skeptical when things sound too good to be true because most often they are just that, too good to be true.

We've been having some wonderful spring weather and though everyone is biting at the bit to plant flowers and work in the yard I just know we haven't seen the last cold blast.  Sure enough I just heard we are getting a freeze this weekend. Glad I didn't get sucked in my Oklahoma's tricky weather.

Soon spring will be sprung!

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

More doctors

Monday and Tuesday were busy days.  I went to the Flexogenix clinic on Monday to have a consultation about my knee.  After some x-rays and an ultrasound it was confirmed my right knee is bone-on-bone.  I expected that bit of news.  What they offer are injections that help lubricate the knee and a custom fitted brace.  All this is supposed to delay the need for knee replacement but no one could tell me how long.  I left without making any commitment.  I want to see my orthopedic surgeon and get his opinion.

Tuesday I saw the lung doctor.  He has ordered another lung wash and a biopsy.  I go in for the procedure next Tuesday.  He also made a referral to an infectious disease doctor.  Discussed IV antibiotics through a port and an immunologist.  I'm still seeing the gastric doctor on the 20th.  I left his office feeling a bit overwhelmed yesterday but I've got my head straightened out today.

Tomorrow I'm going to with my daughter's to their lake house.  We're just staying the day but it will be a nice break from everything. 

I have so many projects I'd like to complete but there just hasn't been time for anything but doctors lately.  I finally received the sofa I purchased at the end of December.  Since it was a custom order it took forever to get it.  Of course every time you get something new it just makes you notice everything else that needs to be updated.  It never ends.