Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Man Proofing My Home

     Because I've lived alone for so long and because mine was an all female household I'd say it is a very "girly" house.  Poor Ron is like a bull in a china closet.  He has taken over the guest room as his closet and the guest bath both of which are very "girly".  Everytime I hear him in the bathroom shaving I just hear cabinets slamming and it sounds like he is bouncing off the walls.  I cringe!  I can imagine the cabinet just coming off the wall.
     Yesterday, I had wandered around all day at work before someone finally told me I had something on the back of my slacks.  When I checked it out I couldn't for the life of me figure out HOW I got barbecue sauce on the back of my pants.  I hadn't eaten any barbecue....or at least not for breakfast anyway.  When I got home I sat down in my recliner and hmmmm something sticky?  Ahhhhh yes, barbecue sauce.  Seems my roomie decided to graze in the refrigerator the night before and I believe some barbecue sauce missed his mouth and landed in my chair.  Obviously not realizing it was there I sat in it before leaving for work. 
    I'm thinking that since I never had grand children my house was never baby proofed again after my children left home.  Seems I need to do a little man proofing around my house!  At the very least, look before I sit!  What an adventure! 

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Arkansas Patti said...

Make sure you do that at night before you sit on the toilet. Men do make us more observant.
Have fun adjusting. Think of it as an adventure.