Monday, March 28, 2011


Back to the kidney surgeon.  Ron has an appointment at 2:00 this afternoon.  I'm not sure what he is going to do since he has all the information he needs to just go ahead and schedule surgery.  Sometimes I get the feeling that if there is a fee to be had they will have you come in just so they can tell you they'll get back to you when they have a surgery date.  "Thank you, that will be $1000.00. and your car title."  Do I sound synical?

It is hard not to get a little synical when you are navigating our health care system.  I'm terrified of the deadly hospital aquired infections just waiting for an open wound.  I have a friend whose husband has been in ICU for the past 5 weeks.  Not because of the surgery he had but because of the 3 infections he acquired while being in the hospital.    So, it seems you must first survive the surgery and then the hospital stay itself.  Not the hospital I remember as a kid.  The hospital was where you wanted to be if you were really sick.  Now the hospital is where you can get really sick!


kenju said...

I used to work in a hospital and the few times I've been hospitalized, I enjoyed it (sounds odd, I know). Nowadays, I avoid them like the plague!!

Arkansas Patti said...

From what I hear, if they just keep their hands clean, there wouldn't be a problem. Ask anyone who examines Ron if they have washed their hands. A doctor on GMA suggested that and said a good Dr. won't mind.

marciamayo said...

With you at his side, Ron will get through this too.