Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Waiting Game

Well, I can't say that we learned anything new yesterday from the doctor.  The PET scan showed that the 3 places in Ron's lung had not changed.  He said they were nonmetabolic (which according to the doctor) was a good thing.  The tumor on the aeortic artery had not changed either but it is metabolic.  The radiologist believes the spots in his lung are cancer but that they weren't large enough at this time to show up on the PET scan.  So the doctor said, let's wait 3 more months and do the test again.  If there is no change in the lung at that time he will do surgery to remove the tumor on the artery.  If there is change then he will recommend chemotherapy.  He said he doesn't want to put Ron through surgery unnecessarily if the cancer has indeed spread to the lung.   I had a lot of questions but I was sworn to silence by Ron.  He made me promise to just sit and be quiet so I did as asked.  So, for now I'm taking the 3 months and being grateful that Ron is still feeling good and we know we have 3 months.  Count every blessing!


Arkansas Patti said...

I guess that is good but the three months in waiting sounds brutal to me.
I would get a second opinion if it were me. There are so many new methods of treatment out there today. I would explore them all.
You all haven't left my prayers.

oklhdan said...

I suggested a second opinion but that upset Ron. I'm not sure why he is reluctant other than he says he doesn't want anyone causing him to have doubts in his doctor. I've finally figured out he wants my SILENT support! Not easy for me....that silent part anyway.

marciamayo said...

Then just do what you are doing. Love him and shut up. I'm saying that because it would be very hard for me to do, but I would give it my best shot, which is what I know you will do too.