Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Shout Out

My sweet wonderful Ron went over to see my brother yesterday for about an hour.  I wasn't sure if seeing me would get him upset and he'd want me to take him home so we declared Ron a neutral country and he went instead.  He found Mike in pretty good spirits and he seemed to be more lucid than he's been in a week.  He says he's willing to do whatever the psychiatrist recommends.  That's a big improvement.  He only has visitation from 6pm - 7-pm daily and Mon-Wed-Fri mornings from 10-11.  He's been too psychotic for us to see him until yesterday.

Tuesday there will be a hearing to determine what comes next.  Either inpatient treatment at the mental hospital or outpatient through community mental health.  I'm feeling more hopeful that we will get past this and hopefully not get into a cycle.

It's a beautiful day and Ron and I have ran errands and now we are just relaxing and slowing down a bit.   Ron got a little sick after lunch so we needed to slow down.  I don't know what I would have done without his support this past week.  I can't imagine going through all this alone.


Anonymous said...

Life has been coming at you pretty fast and hard lately. You never know just how much you can take when you have no other choice.
Congrats, you still write in complete sentences!

Arkansas Patti said...

Like Helen said, you are doing amazingly well for what you have on your plate.
How sweet of Ron and your brother sounds like he is ready for help.
Stay strong.