Thursday, July 30, 2009

While we are on the subject!

Since I've been talking a lot about my dad lately I thought I'd share another telling tale that is yet another example of his sarcasm and wit. It occurred many years ago when my brother had just had a not so comfortable hemorrhoid surgery. He was staying at my parent's home during his recovery and was about 3 days post-op. With a look of determination we watched him gingerly walk toward the den with a rubber donut in one hand while gripping the wall with the other. Mike was making his way to the den where dad and I were watching tv. During the hour is seemed to take him to reach the half way mark I caught a glimpse of my dad watching Mike. He was sitting in his recliner with his left leg slung over the arm of the chair puffing away on his cigar. He was watching Mike with keen interest, his eyes never leaving the scene for a seond. I didn't know just what was coming but I was pretty sure he was going to have something profound to say about Mike's painful pilgrimage. We continued to watch as Mike hovered for a second over the couch, kind of the way a dog goes in circles before curling up on the hearth. Slowly, hesitantly, Mike began his cautious descent releasing a giant sigh once his back side came to rest on the strategically placed rubber donut. Before Mike's facial muscles had time to relax my father looked at him and nonchalantly said, "Well, I'll be damned Mike, you are finally a bigger pain in the ass to yourself than you are to anyone else."

Mike pitifully responded, "Ahhhhh Dad."

Although I admit I burst out laughing and rolled on the floor ...I feel sorry for poor ole Mike to this day.


Arkansas Patti said...

You Dad was just making sure none of you got a big head. He must have been a trip to grow up with.

oklhdan said...

Oh he was a hoot and a half!

kenju said...

I wish I'd said that!!