Thursday, April 11, 2013

Wagons Ho

I'm grateful to my niece for clarifying the concerns I had about a possible unknown niece or nephew out in the cosmos.  It appears my brother was named on a birth certificate but was not the father due to a previous vasectomy.  THANK GOODNESS he had enough sense to take care of that issue since he wasn't going to stop any of his sexual exploits.  Neither the less I'm relieved.  

The rain has finally stopped in Oklahoma and covered wagons are taking to the highway.  They will be traveling down the road as part of our upcoming 89er day celebrations.
Of course now most of the wagons have regular tires.....not like the old days.  Did you know you can go on covered wagon vacations?  Don't think that's the trip for me.  Maybe when I was 12 but not now.   Here's a description of one of the trips offered.

Wagon's West is an authentic replica of a pioneer covered wagon train as used by early settlers in their journey west.  Wagons are pulled by gentle teams and driven by local ranchers.  for your comfort, wagons have rubber tires and foam padded seats that convert to deluxe bunks at night. (Uhhhhh is that authentic?)

Just thought that was funny.

Anyone ever have your eyelashes fall out?  My eyelashes on my left eye are GONE!  My left eye is as bald as Howie Mandell's head.  I first noticed the bottom lashes slowing receding to the middle of my eye soon followed by my upper lashes.  Not a great look!  After researching a little on the internet I decided to stop using mascara....(kinda late I guess) but maybe I can save my right eye.   I didn't realize how much your eyelashes frame your eyes.  Thank goodness I wear glasses and people have been too polite to ask, "What's up with your eye?"  If this doesn't work or I start shedding the rest of my lashes I guess I'll try to see a dermatologist.


Paisely Brook said...

this isnt like the time that you tried to curl your eyelashes but the cushion fell off, so you just managed to cut off your eyelashes??

oklhdan said...

Nope that was the first thing I checked