Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Stoned in the kitchen and other issues.

Got the estimate for the vinyl privacy fence......dang...privacy is expensive!  Guess we will have to put that project on hold until after the surgery.  I'm not sure my privacy is worth that much! 

I had a little mental health intervention at my house last night.  My niece needed some extra support to deal with some Social Security issues she has avoided facing.  When she went to work she was supposed to notify SS within 10 days and she never did.  She's been receiving disability for the past 7 months that she no longer qualifies to receive.  The stress of worrying about losing the money and the fact that she didn't do what she was supposed to do was adding to her depression.  She was spiraling down into depression again.  So.....I gathered the troupes (her dad) and got him and his daughter at my house so we could call SS and deal with the issue.

I have to commend the Social Security agent we spoke with.  She was not only helpful she was kind, gentle and extremely respectful.  She gave my niece detailed instructions on what steps to take and was so patient and kind.  It was refreshing! She assured my niece that they are not the IRS.  There is no penalty to pay or anything like that.  They will work with her to pay back any money she was not entitled to receive.  I hope my niece learned that problems don't go away just because we pull a blanket over our heads and hide.  Problems only get worse when not confronted.

I spoke with my brother this morning and we went through the tornado drill...... Last time there was a tornado literally half a block from his house....he told me he didn't go to the cellar (in his back yard) because he was "Stoned in the kitchen".  What he meant was he was "Stunned"...... Cracked me up.  His neighbors were in his cellar but he was "stoned in the kitchen".   

So....I've been trying to help him prepare for the possibility of going to his cellar.  We have flashlights ready etc. but he hit me with...."What if the sirens blow and I'm in bed"?

I told him to just get up and get his flashlight and go down to the backyard and get in the cellar.

"But I'll be naked" he responded.

TMI...................I asked him if he knows where he keeps his clothes?  He responded, "Yeah".  I then said, "Well put them on and then go to the cellar." 

He told me he would rather get in the bathtub naked.

I give up............guess he'll be stoned in the tub this time!  


Olga said...

Oh, dear. You absolutely must write a book someday.

kenju said...

Oh, geeze. I don't know how you can cope. You might call him when storms are expected and tell him to leave his clothing out where he can see it and get into it quickly.

Paisely Brook said...

I sincerly have no idea when i have laughed so hard lately. I am such a visual person, i can actually see this conversation going on. I was wondering if he was going to wear his scuba gear to the storm shelter. God Love You!!! I would move to be closer, but i dont know if i would be helping you or hurting you....at least i am a fully functioning crazy person!!!