Friday, November 13, 2009

Love and Sorrow

Swallows: Here his mate is injured and the condition is fatal. She was hit by a car as she swooped low across the road.

Here he brought her food and attended to her with love and compassion.

He brought her food again but was shocked to find her dead. He tried to move her...a rarely-seen effort for swallows!

Aware that his sweetheart is dead and will never come back to him again he cries out with adoring love..

He stood bsdie her, saddened of her death.

Finally aware she would never return to him, he stood beside her body with sadness and sorrow.

Millions of people cried after seeing these photos in America and Europe and India..The photographer sold these pictures for a nominal fee to the most famous newspaper in France.

All copies of that edition were sold out on the day these pictures were published. And many people think animals don't have a brain or feelings????

You have just witnessed Love and Sorrow

........Felt by God's creatures.

My daughter just called to inform me that she has been diagnosed with Type II diabetes. Her first reaction is shock and anger. I know how she feels but I’m a person who just says here’s the problem and now what’s the plan? I’ve never spent much time in self-pity because I see it as a waste of valuable time and energy. This is a trait not always appreciated by others especially if they are coming to me for consolation and sympathy. I’ve always looked at things and realized that no matter the problem it could always be worse. Lifestyle changes are required to manage diabetes and that is hard for many people to accept. But it is doable! You just have to make up your mind to do it.

Working in a children’s hospital for kids with developmental disabilities has really taught me about keeping perspective. We see children and families with life long challenges every day. These children and parents would give anything if someone told them all their problems could be controlled with diet and exercise! No matter what challenges come my way I don’t have to look far to see how it could be worse. As a mother I wish I could take every bruise for my children but as a person I know that my greatest growth came from the mistakes I’ve made and the challenges I have faced.


Kay Dennison said...

Excellent post that left me thinking.

What works best for me is to allow myself some "kvetch and vent" time then pick myself up and deal with whatever's befallen me. It keeps me from dredging the depths of depression.

Welcome to Elderbloggers!!!

betty said...

I once saw a little dog get run over by a pickup truck. The owner never even knew he had hit it. But, the dog's pal stood guard with his paw on his buddy's head until someone braved the traffic to see if the little dog was alive. Sadly, it wasn't. But, you're right. Animals do have feelings.

Arkansas Patti said...

I had seen that before and it broke my heart. There is obvious caring there.
So sorry about your daughter and I hope she comes around to your attitude. It is hard when life style changes are forced on us and not by choice. I'm sure with you as her momma, she will adjust well.

jack-of-all-thumbs said...


Strongly disagree with your Elder Blogs comments.

Excellent material here.