Monday, November 16, 2009

Gutter Guy

I love this time of year and the falling leaves but they sure make a mess in the gutters. That's why I use "Gutter Guy". Gutter guy comes complete with ladder and the guy who gets on the ladder and reaches in the gutters and removes the offending leaves! And....just look at his happy face. You can tell he loves his work! What a good sport too! He doesn't even flinch when his work is interrupted by the annoying picture taker. So if your gutters need cleaning I highly recommend "Gutter Guy!

and next on my list of people to call..... "Leaf Man"

When was the last time you watched the Wizard of Oz? I watched the entire movie Saturday night and that was probably the first time since I was a kid. I love it! It takes me back to about age 7 and how I would cover my eyes when those flying monkeys made their presence known. Those are still some scary looking critters. The acting is so good that it is no wonder the movie is timeless. I just wonder if those flying monkeys get the same reaction our of kids today or have today's children been exposed to so much stuff they hardly flinch. all time favorite show when I was a kid was Peter Pan with Mary Martin. The show usually aired once a year and I so looked forward to it. One year I decided I wanted to be Peter Pan for Halloween. God love my sweet mama....she always did such a good job making Halloween costumes but for some reason she just didn't get the hang of Peter Pan and I just hated it when your friends had to ask what you were supposed to be. Mom evidently couldn't find green material or green tights so I ended up in a red outfit...with leftover blue seam binding trimming the arm holes and skirt hem. No Peter Pan hat either...she found a straw hat with a feather in it. Uggggggh.......I didn't look anything like Peter Pan. I resembled more a color blind elf. Now my friend Karma always dressed up as a hobo..(before politically correct costumes) She would cover her face with cold cream and then put coffee grounds on her face for whiskers. She would wear her dad's shirt and a pair of old pants and then carry a stick with a bandanna. I assure you no one said, "Who are you supposed to be?" to her!


Arkansas Patti said...

Love your gutter guy. I was thinking not so pure thoughts when I first saw that title.
Oz and Sleeping Beauty sacred the bejebbies out of me as a kid. Don't think they are good for the very little. Adults who really don't believe in witches and flying monkeys, can appreciate them more.

kenju said...

My leaf blowers are here right now, blowing 2 weeks worth of fallen, wet leaves. There are six of them, with back-pack blowers and 2 push blowers. They make short, short work of what would take me a week to rake by myself.