Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

The magical shopping day....the day after Thanksgiving. It was reported that there were people camping outside the Best Buy beginning Wednesday just waiting for the doors to open this morning. What a sneaky ploy by retailers....lure em in with a limited supply of the advertised item. My son-in-law told me that Best Buy only had a total of 6 of the advertised televisions available. There sure are going to be a lot of disappointed early birds!

I don't like shopping enough to fight the crowds today. I'd rather pay more to be less stressed. I guess it is just a matter of priority. Basically, I'm too lazy for the mob scene.

We had a relaxing Thanksgiving yesterday. My brother was full as a tick and very happy. Jamie and I didn't go into diabetic comas...managed to keep the blood sugar under control, which is a pretty good feet considering the occasion. We even took a long walk after dinner.

I'm dog sitting for twin #1 but as usual one of the dogs seems to have injured her leg. It seems to be her hip and she is favoring her back foot. She puts weight on it at times but seems to be avoiding it when possible. She hasn't whimpered or acted like she is in constant pain so I think she'll be ok until her mommy and daddy get back. I suppose it could be arthritis. She is getting a little long in the tooth.

I don't have any plans for today but I think I'll get Ron to go to the movies. There are 2 that I'm wanting to see. I want to see "The Road" and "Blindside". I guess I'll see which one is showing here.


kenju said...

My son-in-law gave a thought to going to Best Buy to line up for an HP laptop they were advertising for $200, but he decided he just didn't want a bargain badly enough to sleep in the cold all night long.

If you saw the Blind Side, I want to know if you liked it.

Arkansas Patti said...

I got suckered in one time for Black Friday and learned my lesson. I wouldn't go thru that again if everything were free.
"Blindside" is on my list also but I am waiting for Netflix since we have no theaters here. If you saw it, how about a review?