Friday, January 29, 2010


WOW...What a natural gas bill went from $48.00 last month to $245.00 this month.  I'm in shock.......I just turned the heat off!  If you don't hear from me again call the authorities and tell them to come chip my frozen @#$% out of my house!


kenju said...

We only have electric power, but I am sure when the bill comes in, we will both faint.

Turn the heat back on, though, we don't want you to freeze. Put it on 60* and wear lots of sweaters.

Arkansas Patti said...

There has to be something wrong. Is it metered? I'd call the company and ask for a recount. Seriously.
We got about a foot and it is beautiful. I did all my house work prior to the storm in case the power went out so now all I can do is enjoy the scenery. Love it.