Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Will you accept this rose?

Last night I watched ABC's the Bachelor and what a melodrama that was.  It seems one of the young women who had already professed her honorably intention that she was there "just for the bachelor" and to find true love found a little extra lovin on the side with one of the staff members of the show.   This show is better than a soap opera with all the drama.  Now, the show could have handled the situation off camera but heck that wouldn't have boosted ratings so they made it part of the show.  The staffer was fired, the woman shunned off to exile and the heartbroken bachelor (who had known this young lady less than 48 hours) managed to regain his faith in true love.  Not bad for a 2 hour episode.  From the preview shown for next week's show they are bootin off another one without the rose ceremony.  Gotta watch now no matter how silly it gets!

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Arkansas Patti said...

Don't watch the show the but have heard the controversy and saw his reaction to it.
The only one in that series EVER who remained with whom they had chosen is Krista (something) who actually married her pick and they are raising a nice family.
I am too much of a romantic to watch the show. I grew up on happily ever after.
I'm sure with the proper attitude the show is a hoot.