Sunday, January 17, 2010

We're #1, We're #1................

Ron and I went to see It's Complicated yesterday.  What a hoot!  We laughed out loud right along with everyone else in the audience.  It was fun to see the age of the audience.  We fit right in!  Only us seasoned seniors would really appreciate the humor of that movie though I can't see anyone not thinking it was funny.
Today Ron and I are going to a couple's baby shower.  Now that is a new concept since I had children.  When I was young birthin babies was totally a woman's job.  Expectant fathers were not allowed into the delivery room and new dad's pretty much left the care of the baby to mom.  I'm glad to see that has changed and that new father's are involved from beginning to end.  I think Ron agrees that this is a good change in tradition.  Ron was older when his daughter was born so he was able to be in the delivery room and says it was an experience he wouldn 't trade for a million dollars.  However, a baby shower is something new for him.  It was so cute.  The couple had a University of Oklahoma onesie on their baby registry and so Ron went to the Sooner Shop on his own to look for the gift.  He called me from the shop and said, "They have a bunch of stuff with the #1 on it but I don't know which one to get."  I cracked up but really, how many go year old guys do you know who would go shopping for a baby gift?  He's so sweet!  I tried to explain what a onesie was but I finally told him to ask the clerk.  :)

So, we are off to the baby shower.


Linda said...

You are so right. I hoped when fathers began to go in the delivery rooms that the experience would help couples to think twice about getting divorces but can't see any signs that's happening.

Your husband is a treasure if he will go to a baby shower with you, and a super treasure for shopping for the gift! Keep him.

oklhdan said...

Linda, it is a shame that the divorce rate hasn't slowed down any. You're right Ron is a keeper! We are not married though.... we've been dating for 8 years. We met when we were 6 years old and found each other again after 40 years. Small world!

kenju said...

I'm glad you went to see it - I loved that movie!! Hope you have fun at the baby shower, and I hope they don't play any of those stupid games found at many of them.

Arkansas Patti said...

I will just have to add that movie to my saved list at Netflix. Lots of people are raving about it.
I do think guys should be more involved but feel a bit bad that men now are expected to go to a shower. What a guy he is to agree. Like Judy, I hate those games they play and can't see a guy sitting still for that. Good luck Ron.