Friday, January 15, 2010

How To Lose Your Job

I've been meaning to post this video ever since a co-worker of mine sent it to me.  If it is for real the subject matter isn't funny but you can't blame the interviewer for craking up.

Now, laughing inappropraitely isn't the only way to lose your job.  I had a friend once, a young man named Kurt who had a very good sense of humor and was cute as a bug to boot, he had a job with a large insurance company.  He was about 25 years old at the time and of course all his female co-workers were enamored with him.  Oh, did I mention that he was the spitting image of Michael J. Fox.  In fact the resemblance was so uncanny he was often stopped on the street and asked for autographs.  Anyway, it was fun and games with all the ladies and they would exchange little quips and sarcastic remarks.  Well, one day Kurt was coming down the stairs as one of his female co-workers passed him going the other direction.  Little teasing remarks were exchanged when the female laughingly replied "well just bite my butt".  So............he did!  

That was the end of that job........but big lesson learned.  No matter how willing a participant in the office banter NEVER take a woman up on her dare.  It will get your fired!   I have to add......shame on you young was all fun and games until you got embarassed!


Arkansas Patti said...

Gee, I just met a dog like that.

oklhdan said...

Ha Ha Patti......I thought about your story when I wrote that. :)