Saturday, January 30, 2010


Another day in the frozen tundra.  It has been 3 days since I've seen another person.  I did manage to go outside today and after about an hour 1/2 of chipping away at the ice on my car I got the door open and started the car.  It was about another hour of running the defroster and chipping at the ice before I cleared the windshield and the windows.  There was more than 2 inches of ice under about a foot of snow.  My driveway is so bad I didn't try to drive the car because I was afraid I'd never get back up the driveway.  They say it will be above freezing tomorrow afternoon so maybe some of the ice will melt.  I have a feeling it will be several days before things really thaw out.

I had my little electric fireplace going in the living room for the past few days and when I plugged in the iron to finish ironing some shirts it tripped the breaker for the living room.  It actually blew the breaker because it will not reset now.  It's just loose and wiggles back and forth like a loose tooth.  No telling how much this will cost or even when I'll be able to get an electrician out here so there are still so many power outages etc. around town.  So I have no electricity in the living room and no tv or lights.  At least the heat is on and the kitchen.   I'll be completely stir crazy by tomorrow!

I talked to Ron on the phone today but he was in a sulky mood for some reason.  He won't ever tell you what the heck is wrong so I learned along time ago not to ask too many questions.   I hope he's in a better mood tomorrow.  I haven't seen him in a week.  His work schedule is such that we don't see each other during the week anymore.

I talked to some other people about their natural gas bills and everyone said they tripled this month.  I'm still going to call the gas company and have it checked out.  My bill was more than 5 times higher and that just seems crazy to me.  This is turning into an expensive winter!


Arkansas Patti said...

You are just not enjoying this weather are you? I do believe you all got hit the hardest. We got a foot of snow but just snow so the power stayed one.
I do hope you can find someone to fix your breaker. Bummer.
I was getting a touch of cabin fever so I went out and cleared paths to the bird feeders and most of my drive. My kind of snow was really easy to shovel. At least now I can get out if I have to.

kenju said...

I'm sorry about the breaker. Hope it can be fixed for not too much cost. We are expecting huge power bills next month. Our temps will be down to 15* tonight; making our heat pump work overtime. Our snow will probably be all gone by Wednesday, but we will not be able to leave here until Tuesday afternoon, and cabin fever has set in!!

Anonymous said...

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