Thursday, December 10, 2009

Santa's Helper

This time of year brings back so many memories of Christmas’s past. When I was a little girl I thought my father was the smartest, bravest, most clever father in the world and that opinion was solidified the year he entertained Santa at our house.

I was five years old that Christmas and as usual my mother bundled all us kids up to go to church on Christmas Eve. And as usual, my dad had pressing matters that would prohibit him from joining us. So off we went leaving my father behind to tend to matters unknown to the rest of us.

After the Christmas Eve service we headed back home to get ready for the arrival of Santa. Now, remember this was long before cell phones so there was no chance to call ahead to warn my dad of our impending arrival. So as soon as we walked in the house we were met by my surprised father, caught red handed in the act of putting together a doll buggy for me. Without a moment’s hesitation he excitedly exclaimed, “I can’t believe you missed him! He just left a few seconds ago”.

Unanimously we inquired, “Who just left?”

“Why, Santa Claus” responded daddy as if it were an every day occurrence.

I just stood there, the youngest and most gullible of all 3 of his children, my eyes darting from the doll buggy back to my father.

He went on to explain, “I was just sitting here doing some paperwork when there was a knock at the door. Imagine my surprise when I opened it and there stood Santa Claus, his reindeer and sleigh parked in the front yard. He called me by name and said Earl, would you mind putting this doll buggy together for me, as my sleigh is quite full and I’m afraid it will fall out. Then he said he’d be back later with the rest of the presents.”

I didn’t know whether to be happier about the doll buggy or the fact that MY father had just met Santa Claus and in our own living room. I mean I knew my father was special but I had no idea he was on a first name basis with the big guy!

Daddy finished putting the wheels on my doll buggy. He then suggested I park it under the tree and then maybe; just maybe, Santa would bring a doll for the buggy. The next morning, sure enough, there was a doll sitting in my buggy just waiting for me.

There have been Christmas’s since then, in fact, I have celebrated fifty-five more but I still have that special gift from Santa sitting in my attic reminding me fondly of the Christmas when Santa’s helper got caught red-handed.

This is the cutest little guy....Watch his facial expressions!


Arkansas Patti said...

I love that story. Your Dad was really a quick thinker.
Like you I am a Daddy's girl and thought mine was wonderful, but he never personally met Santa.

Betty said...

I had a great dad, too, but he could not keep a secret to save his life. I learned very early not to ask him to give me a clue about my presents because he would just blurt out what I was getting.

kenju said...

Such a smart man, your daddy!

musingegret said...

Love the story and adore the photo. I'm burning with curiosity...was the doll a Shirley Temple doll (it resembles one I had a long long time ago!)