Friday, December 18, 2009

Odds and Ends

My day didn't start off on an excellent note.  I cut the heck out of the bottom of my foot this morning.  Seems I missed a piece of glass last night when I swept up the glass I dropped on the kitchen floor.  But, not to worry, I FOUND IT!    So, I'm limping around today but hopefully the bleeding will stop soon.  Just kidding......

Yesterday our local paper called and told me I won the annual Christmas Story Contest.  A photographer came out to take my picture for the paper.  This was quite an accomplishment on his part because I'd rather have a tonsilectomy than get my picture taken.  But.....I was gracious and didn't put up much resistance.  He left and then called me back later and said when he got back to the office there was nothing on his camera.  No pictures.  I started to tell him that I had a serious medical condition that somehow interferes with digital cameras thereby rendering me unable to be photographed or I could have just told him I'm a vampire but then I wouldn't be able to explain being out in daylight so I behaved and he came back and took it again.  This time with a different camera.

As part of our hospital's annual Christmas fal-de-ra we have a door decorating contest.  This year's theme was "A Country Christmas" and here are a few of this year's entries.

The sun is a little bright but it is a bed with a quilt, dresser and fireplace!

This is the start of a barn.  There will be a horse and other animals added!

This one is the Candy Land Door.  They also decorated their entire wing......

This is a 3-dimensional horse.  I think this one is really cool!  Our maintenance department created this one.

Sunday is the big Christmas party and when the voting will take place.  Lot's of great food, a visit from Santa, and fun for all.  We set up a Santa's workshop where all the visiting children can go and pick out a toy.  Our patients will get toys from Santa himself.  We are able to do all of this because of the generosity of volunteers and supporters.   So this is a very festive place to be at Christmas!


kenju said...

So sorry about your foot! Take care of it.

Will you publish your winning story here? I hope so. Congratulations!!

I love that horse! Someone is very artistic.

oklhdan said...

Kenju, it was the story about the doll buggy that won. It was limited to 450 words so it was very short. I had entered this contest 20 years ago and won then but at that time they had a $100.00 cash prize. This year there is no cash prize. Bummer....

Yeah, the horse is really neat. The young man who created it is VERY artistic.