Monday, December 14, 2009

Another day older and deeper indebt!

I think I finished my Christmas shopping this weekend or at least my wallet says I've finished.  Between ruining my cell phone, the new car battery and various other stupid people tricks, there is not much left over for Christmas.   I tried everything to dry out that cell phone but nothing worked.  I guess an entire wash cycle was just way too much water!  (can't imagine why)  

This is my last week of work before I am off for 2 weeks.  I have absolutely no plans other than Christmas and then I plan to veg out until the new year.  Sounds productive doesn't it.  I want to do a little closet cleaning and a lot of reading. 

This is the light show Ron and I went to see Saturday night.  A family in town puts it on every year and they collect food and money for the local food bank.  It was really good!

Someone sent me the following video and I thought it was cute and worth sharing. 

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