Thursday, February 5, 2009

I slipped off from work and got a haircut this afternoon. I don't know why I fret and worry so much about hairstyles (of which I do not have one). I am constantly on the search for the "perfect" haircut. I browse the internet and search through magazines looking for that perfect cut that will make me look 10 years younger and 20 pounds lighter. Of course no matter what cut I pick it never seems to be right for MY type of hair. My hair is either too fine, too thin, too straight, too many heads too pointy, cheeks too puffy, there IS NO perfect haircut. Not too mention I was deprived of any of the genes attributed to girly girls. I don't primp, roll hair, style hair, not too crazy about hairspray either. I'm a natural woman. That sounds better than I'm just too plain lazy to primp. So, I need that perfect but easy haircut. Once upon a time I coveted the Dorothy Hamill cut. I believe it was called the wedge. I wanted my hair to move just like her's during a spiralling death spin. But was not to be. I believe it was due to the too thin and too fine thing. Seems you needed the thick luxurious locks of say the back hair on a bald fat man wearing a speedo. The kind of back hair that floats on top of the water while he does the breast stroke. I'm resigned to never find that perfect haircut since I now have more hairs on my chin than I do on my head!

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kenju said...

It's 1 am and I am laughing out lous like a hyena!!

Back hair that floats? I've seen that a time or two and EWWWWWW!

I always want my hair to look different than it does.