Monday, September 7, 2015

Labor Day

We took Mike to see his psychiatrist last Thursday.  Mike dressed up in his "Sunday go to meetin" clothes and he looked quite dapper.  I think I enjoy his visits with his doctor as much as he does.  Dr. S. has a great sense of humor and genuinely appears to enjoy Mike.  At this visit Mike discussed his anxiety over the idea of Ron and I going on a trip.  Dr. S. went over Mike's list of people who will be there for him including Dr. S.  When we left Mike was feeling ok about the idea but as we get closer to a date I don't know how he will feel.  Ron and I are still up in the air about whether I'll be able to go or not.  We will just take it a day at a time.

Ron has started a walking program and is doing very well with it.  He goes out early in the morning and is doing 2 miles now.  I wanted to walk with him but my knee won't let me.  So, I'm doing a Weight Watchers video that uses hand weights and kick boxing moves.  I can now do about 3/4 of the video before I give out.  I'll just have to keep working on it.  Maybe I'll get fit and be able to kick some @#$ if need be. ha.

As of today I think each of us, Ron, Jamie and me have lost about 10 pounds each since starting Weight Watchers.  It's working as long as we stick with counting points.  

We are going to grill this evening and my daughter is coming over for dinner.  No real Labor Day plans other than some yard work which we have just finished.  I'm sure some of you have big plans for the day!


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