Tuesday, September 1, 2015

It's time for America's Got Talent

I hate summer colds.....I either have one or a bad bout with allergies.  Went to bed last night with a swig of Niquil and that did the trick.  Guess I'll try it again tonight.

Tomorrow I am calling the orthopedic surgeon to see about starting shots in my knees.  They are really hurting and it won't be long and I'll be scheduling the knee replacements.  I'm not going to go much longer and I'm going to see if he will do both knees at once.  I talked to a lady at church who had both hers done at the same time..we have the same surgeon too.  She said it wasn't so bad.

This is a question to all you former teachers....my daughter has a student that has a complete meltdown every day at drop off.  He's 4 years old.  Grandma drops him off and he goes into a meltdown every day.  He hits, kicks, spits and tries to run out the door all while screaming at the top of his lungs.  My daughter has tried being sweet, being firm, distracting him and so far nothing works.  He screams for at least 45 minutes and is a total distraction for all the other kids.  She also has a little boy with autism in the same class and it usually sets him off as well.  Any suggestions?

She said she is going to have a talk with his parents but who knows if that will do any good.  What's interesting is that once he settles down he's a pretty good kid.  But they are in class only 2 1/2 hours so his 45 minute tantrum really cuts into their time.  

Well, I'm going to take my box of kleenex and get in my recliner.  


Olga Hebert said...

That is exactly why I chose middle school over early education!!

Betty said...

Can she put him in another room, or isolate him in some way and just let him scream it out? Maybe if he realizes he's not going to be the center of attention, he'll straighten up. Sounds as though a tantrum is the way he gets the attention of his parents, so he figures it will work at school, too.

But, what do I know?

Anonymous said...

A four-year old boy is too young for kindergarten. I am amazed that the school district allows a child this young to be enrolled. I don't know at this point how a teacher can improve the situation...he is simply too immature to be in a classroom. Gladys (a retired teacher)

oklhdan said...

Gladys he is in pre-k. He may be a young 4 year old, I'm not sure when he turned 4.