Thursday, September 10, 2015

Eye of the Tiger

I can't believe they have made Kim Davis a martyr for breaking the law.  Huckabee looked like an idiot standing next to her while the theme from Rocky III played in the background.  Huckabee was asked if he would stand beside a clerk who refused to process divorce papers because the bible says divorce is adultery.  He said, "Well that's different, it's legal to get a divorce."   Duhhh same sex marriage is now legal as well.  

I'm sorry, the man is not just hypocritical, he is as dumb as a rock to boot.

On another subject.  We took Mike to the doctor today because he had a dizzy spell yesterday and almost fainted at the gym.  His blood pressure was 84/46.  He had another episode today so we took him to be checked out.  The doctor took him off BP medication and I'm to check his BP every day for the next week.

Never a dull moment.

I'm volunteering tomorrow afternoon at school.  Going to bed early because I need a lot of sleep to keep up with 21 four year olds.

Oh, the little man that was giving them such fits is now being coerced into the room with the promise of a snack.   Whatever works!


Betty said...

You should have lived in Arkansas when the Huckster (Huckabucks, we called him) was governor. He and his wife, the first Tomboy, moved into a double wide trailer on the grounds of the mansion while it was being renovated. This amused everyone, especially when his wife conducted a tour of the "residence" on local television. They have moved up a bit since then, as you'll know if you have seen their million dollar estate in Florida.

He's a real piece of work, that one.

Olga Hebert said...

You said it--no room for logic in politics!