Saturday, September 26, 2015

Being lazy

What a lazy Saturday I am having.  For the past week I have had a hard time sleeping.  I just can't fall asleep.  Thursday night I was up until 4 am and then only slept 3 hours when I did get to sleep.  So yesterday I stayed awake and didn't take a nap just so I'd be sleepy enough to fall asleep.  Still didn't get to sleep until about 10:30.  All this crazy sleep cycle has made me really tired and I don't want to do much.

This morning we did go over to my daughter's house and spread some weed & feed on her lawn.  I've been doing absolutely nothing since then.  Guess it will just be one of those days.

Ron is taking Mike to a baseball game tomorrow so I will have the house to myself for awhile.  Don't know what I'm going to do but I'll think of something.

Oh, yesterday I did listen to some of Trump's speech at the state fair.  All I can say is "Can you spell pompous?"  What a blow hard.  He ranted on and on about how great he is for at least 55 minutes.  He is a complete ass.  I guess this election will be about whether the dumb and stupid out number the marginally intelligent.  I know which group is bigger in my state.  They elected our governor and that says it all.


kenju said...

I agree with you about Trump. Pompous ass, for sure.
It scares me how many people say they are for him, but I feel certain he will shoot himself in the foot before the election - at least I hope so.

Olga Hebert said...

I think we have sunk to a new low in politics. Who'd have thought it even possible?

Judy said...

Trump is a travesty! Sadly there are way too many people out there who are cheering him on; hopefully they are that part of the population that is either unregistered to vote or don't bother to vote!
As for your sleep problems, have you ever tried Melatonin? It is a natural substance that does the trick for me when I can't get to sleep--you can pick it up at any drugstore OTC.