Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Turkey holiday

There has been a lot of discussion lately about Black Friday shopping and now Turkey Day shopping.  I have always felt it was awful to ask people to work on a holiday that most people are enjoying with their families.  I was willing to sign any petition stating just that until I was approached by one of these employees who will be working on Thanksgiving day.  This person told me that they are grateful for the opportunity to work because they will be receiving overtime and they need the money so bad this year for Christmas.  I hadn't thought about that fact ..... the fact that they are making a little over minimum wage and time and 1/2 is very appealing.   I understand that.   

I'm saddened by how much our country operates on greed.  We keep making the rich, richer.   Soon we will all be working for them just trying to get by.  I guess we will just be a nation of Walmartians.


Aunt Betsy said...

Personally, I will not go shopping on Thanksgiving. As someone who has worked for KMart, WalMart & a major book store chain, all for minimum wage my feeling is all year long those employees are required to work weekends and nights when other people are with their families. Often they are required to work until late evening the day before holidays. I hated working Christmas eve. At least let those employees have Christmas and Thanksgiving with their families. On the other hand, many employees look forward to that overtime. Some employees look forward to working rather than being home alone on holidays if they don't have family.

Tom Watson said...

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