Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The falling leaves........drift by my window!

After a hard freeze last night I woke up to see the neighbor's Fruitless Mulberry tree raining leaves.  When I went to the car you could hear the leaves softly raining down covering the ground like a golden blanket.  I just love nature!  I used to have the same kind of tree in my front yard but the roots began to damage the driveway and threaten the foundation of the house so I had to remove it.  It was really hard to have it cut down.  I don't however miss raking leaves!

The weather in Oklahoma is so diverse.  One night you are sitting outside enjoying a concert and the next night you are preparing for a freeze.  It can switch from hot to cold mid day and we just know to dress in layers.  

Ron got his schedule today and it is great.  He will work 8-5 Monday - Friday and off at 4:00 on Wed.  He'll work an occasional Saturday.  It's so nice to have him home in the evening and not spending 2 hours commuting every day.  We originally thought he'd be working 11 - 8pm which was OK but we'd never see each other since I go to bed at 9:00.   So this is great!

Now it is time to plan Thanksgiving and I'm looking forward to the holiday! 

My daughter Julie teaches kindergarten but she is also certified to teach art through grade 12.  She has been teaching art to her kindergarten class for the past 3 years and she sent me some of her budding artist's work.  I was so impressed that these drawings were done by 5 year olds that I had to share.



Aunt Betsy said...

Wow! Talented 5 year olds! Good news about your husband's schedule! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Olga said...

That sounds like a good schedule. I am so glad this worked out for you both.
That is impressive art. I especially loved the owl.