Monday, November 4, 2013

Messin with my mind!

It's NOVEMBER people!  Can you believe it?  The year is almost gone.  Time goes so much faster when you have less of it ahead of you.  When I was a little girl it seemed as if decades passed between Christmases.  But now it comes around in the blink of an eye.

I have been working on Christmas shopping and have just about finished all the buying I'm going to do.  I like to leave December for homemade gifts and baking.  Since my daughter's new kitchen is ready for the holidays it will be fun initiating it with Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas. She hosted a "girl's night out" party Saturday to show off the new space.  I was in need of a night out as Mike had just about worn me out last week.  Thank goodness for Ron.....he watched a football game with him so I could have a break.

Daylight savings time is a confusing concept for someone with schizophrenia.  Mike was sure we were just "messing" with his mind!  He thought that his whole world has been reset 1 hour including all his doctor appointments.  Took a lot of convincing to get him to not call his doctor's office to reschedule his appointment 1 hour ahead.

Communion went well yesterday.....Mike the food critic gave a thumbs up for the communion wafer!  That's always a relief.  When it is not to his gourmet taste he announces to the congregation that the bread is bad!  Ron said, "Maybe God has a sense of humor."  

I replied........"Obviously he does....just look around."


Olga said...

Really, nothing is more important than a good sense of humor no matter who you are.

Addwin Net said...
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