Friday, September 27, 2013

Scanxiety on hold for another 3 months!

As I said yesterday I am finding I repeat myself more and more these days.  What seems to be working is my husband doesn't remember a word I say so no matter how many times I tell the same story it's news to him.  What is frustrating is he doesn't repeat himself he just doesn't talk at all.   Sometimes I think he has conversations in his head and then later thinks he told me when he didn't. He forgets to tell me when his oncology appointments are and then 5 minutes before it is time to go he says, "Well, are you coming?"    

But, we made it anyway.  His report was good as far as cancer goes.  His chest findings indicated Subtle pleural-based nodule medially in the left lobe measuring about 4mm is stable.  A 5 mm nodule posteriorly in the right upper lobe is stable.  There is no new lung mass.  Nothing new in the original kidney site and right kidney, liver, spleen and pancreas look good.  

So I think that what this all means is that if and until the two lung nodules begin to grow or change we just keep keeping on.  Back for another scan in 3 months.  Ron starts new job in two weeks.  We are blessed to have another day!


Olga said...

Hurray for good news. And congrats to Ron on the new job as well.

Deb said...

Well! Red letter day! Good news for Ron on both fronts, his cancer AND the new job.

Men don't have the same kind of ears as women have. Or brains, or mouths. They do expect us to be telepathic though. LOL

Ah, but we love 'em anyway. Vive la difference!

Aunt Betsy said...

Happy for you that you have good news!

kenju said...

Very good news!! Good luck with the new job.

My husband also forgets to tell me things - but he thinks he has. It is very frustrating, as it happens day in and day out.