Friday, March 8, 2013

My blood sugar had begun to go up and I wasn't watching the carbs like I should.  So I decided to take tips from the Atkins diet and really get serious about my eating.  In two weeks I have really seen a huge difference in my glucose readings.  I'm staying around 108 - 111 fasting and after meals.  This morning was a little higher than usual at 134.....but that is the first reading over 111 in two weeks.  I also weighed and had lost 10 pounds which I consider a bonus.  It stands to reason that if you eat right and limit carbs you will lose weight.  But that isn't my main focus.....I'd like to get off diabetes medication and losing weight and eating right may just get me there.

Since I'm watching my carb intake Ron is too by association.....he's trying to help me.  He also wants to lose weight so I'm hoping he will see the scale move in the direction he wants.  It always makes him giddy when he loses weight. 

I've been dealing with back issues for awhile now and it only seems to be getting worse.  I finally got a diagnosis and it is  grade 1 L5-S1 aterolisthesis and facet arthopathy and Illeopsoas bursitis and greater trochanteric in my hip. From what I've read this is a slipping of the L5 vertebrae over the S1 by 25% or less.  I believe it slides forward.  All I know is it causes a lot of pain and hurts when I walk or sit in my office chair and it just never goes away.  I'm considering spinal shots (which is the least invasive treatment) to see if it will do anything to stop the pain.  If it gets any worse the last treatment option is spinal fusion.  I just don't want to do anything like that unless there is no other option.....

Between new super bugs and the idiots in Washington I've been really depressed.  I have never felt so helpless about things I have no control over.  I am not a gloom and doom person but it is really hard to remain optimistic about the future.  Is anyone else having these kind of feelings?

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Linda said...

For some reason I haven't bought into the gloom & doom. I enjoy politics and now have the time to read & research on my own. I've learned to be very careful of the sources I trust. Cable news is one of the worst. I've put names & faces to many of the actors in congress. By knowing more about them & their districts I'm beginning to understand why they vote like they do. If I get too frustrated with congress I spend some time reading history. Much worse that what we're seeing today has gone on in past administrations & congresses. I'm excited about the future of medicine. I think the future is bright for our country and I think politics will always suck.