Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Busy hands leave less time for worry...

As a caregiver to my brother it has definitely concerned me as to how I will care for him and Ron (if he has surgery).  Since I usually prepare the evening meal for both Mike and sometimes my niece I decided to get a plan.  Yesterday I researched freezer meals and found recipes to prepare 40 meals.  I got my grocery list and went shopping and last night I got 10 of the 40 meals prepared and into the freezer.  I'm on a roll.  I think I can have them all done by Saturday.  I may throw in a few breakfast burritos for good measure.   Having meals prepared ahead of time will really take the pressure off me and allow me more time to just pamper my husband!  I just hope I can get them all in my's looking a little tight!

The past few nights I've noticed we are clinging a little closer to one another.   Snuggling a little closer and holding hands through the night.  I think we both need to feel close to one another and it eases our fears.   Ron has what we use to call the "jimmy legs" but I guess it is restless leg syndrome.  I usually try to stay far on my side of the king size bed in order not to get kicked all night.  Right now I don't care if he kicks me across the room.  I just need to feel him beside me. 

This is my lovely daughter Julie.  She teaches kindergarten and at their last school assembly she was asked to the stage where they placed an exotic spider on her arm.  Her students thought she was soooo brave but I know how scared she is of spiders.  She said that when the spider started walking toward her head it was all she could do to keep from slinging it across the room!

Tonight we paint our masterpieces....... how fun!


Muffy's Marks said...

Your daughter is brave indeed!! I'd have been in the next county!!! Great idea with preparing meals ahead. Enjoy your art class, I hope for your sake it is relaxing. You need some of that too!!

Anonymous said...
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