Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Stoned in the Kitchen

Last week as I mentioned before we had a tornado touch down in our town.  I had been in touch with Mike all day that day and made sure we went over the steps he should take in case of a tornado.  We went over the check list several times.

Flashlights (in the cellar and house)
Batteries for radio and flashlights
Listen to the weather and be ready to take shelter if needed.

He was ready and on top of his game.  Or so I thought.

Sure enough the sirens blared and I took cover in my own house thinking my brother was safe and sound in his own underground bunker. After the tornado has passed we learned that it had hit less than a block from Mike's house.  There was a lot of damage but Mike was safe and sound.  I asked him if he had gone to his cellar and he said no.  I was so surprised.  

I asked him why he hadn't taken shelter and he said, "I was stoned in the kitchen."

I said, "Do you mean stunned."

"Yeah", he answered.

Then I asked him if any of his neighbors had come over to take shelter and he said yes.  Surprised, I said, "Did anyone check to see if you were here?"

Mike said yes but he was "stoned" in the kitchen.

Now, Ron is starting to giggle just listening to our back and forth question and answer session.  I on the other hand was just aghast.
I asked him why didn't he just go with the neighbor down into the cellar and he said the stairs are too steep.

So the new rules are that if he sees people walking through his backyard and entering the hole in the ground he is to follow them!!!!

All funniness aside I am wondering if he was just to anxious and maybe there were just too many people in the cellar and that may have freaked him out.   If I hadn't been at work at the time I would have just gone over and picked him up.  I can't be everywhere at all times.

Gad, his brain is as his describes it "Cosmic"!!!!!!!!!!!!


Arkansas Patti said...

Bless his heart, it is hard to moved when you are stoned.
Maybe he needs an assigned neighbor buddy who will take him to the bunker.

Paisely Brook said...

people always wonder where i get my sense of humor from.......it is pure simpson!!!!

i love your easiness with uncle, like the snorkel in the shower.

i think this what the marines call "adapt and overcome"!!!