Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Hope everyone had a happy Easter!  We certainly did.  My daughters found their 1/2 brother after more than 10 years of searching for him and their 1/2 sister.  They were so excited.  They got the chance to speak to him by phone for a couple of hours and they can't wait to meet in person.  There is quite an age difference (13 years) the girls being the oldest but they are just so excited to find him.  They had some questions about their dad and now know where he is as well.  I'm not expecting that they will want to contact him but you never know.

I was honestly thrilled for my daughters but at the same time it really brought back some painful memories.  I honestly could have gone to my grave not knowing anything about their dad and I would have been OK with it.  He hasn't been apart of our lives for 35 years and we haven't known where he is for almost 25 years.

The sister is not interested in meeting the girls but they are OK with that.  Their brother was VERY excited to get to know them and it just thrilled them to death.

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Olga said...

I can see that this could be a mixed blessing. Best of luck to the girls.