Thursday, April 26, 2012


What we thought would be a simple driveway installation has turned into my worst nightmare.  The project started 10 days ago and is still not completed.
This is the dirt left in my yard.

The concrete was poured last Thursday just before it started to rain.
We now have pitting in the cement.
This is the residue left on the house.  
 We have been calling the contractor and every day he says that someone will be out.  
The dark spot is the concrete he didn't remove!  How tacky is that?

It will take us forever to put the yard back together.
 It makes me think people just don't care about the quality of their work.  I asked the contractor if this mess would be OK in HIS yard. 


Muffy's Marks said...

Good luck with everything. You are right there isn't a lot of people who take pride in their work anymore.

Arkansas Patti said...

If I lived near, I'd help with that dirt. I really need some.
Do you have a local TV news show that airs such messes by shoddy contractors? They usually get action.
Good luck.