Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The things we remember.

Because I've been under the weather I haven't been able to get out and get a haircut for awhile.  I now have this unruly mess on my head that I found myself teasing this morning to try to give it some body.  You know the old ratting comb?  I immediately had flashbacks to junior high.  I remember the girls coming in the gym first thing before class started.  It was actually a huge auditorium where we gathered before school.  We segregated ourselves immediately according to social class.  The cool kids down in front, the socially awkward but not totally geeked somewhere in the middle, the total nerds further back and the hoods at the very back.

The cool girls would always get out their combs and start teasing each others hair.  The higher the better!!!!!!  Oh my, what confidence it took to allow someone to rat your hair like that in front of everyone.  Confidence I did not have.  I wasn't a total nerd but I was somewhere in the middle.  Definitely not on the front row!  I aspired to the belief that if I just slipped in no one would notice me. I definitely didn't want to draw attention to myself.

Transferring to junior high school was not an easy transition for me.  I was shy in grammar school.  I had the same best friend since 2nd grade and she moved out of state one week before the big move to junior high.  My mother was still forcing me to wear corrective shoes and I couldn't have felt more out of place.  CAN YOU SAY AWKWARD?  

So anyway, that was a pleasant memory this morning!  I ramble.....


MerCyn said...

I'm glad you have pleasant memories of junior high. In my school everyone congregated outside, along a fence next to the school grounds. I usually tried to arrive just in time to enter the school and head for class. We were SO self-conscious!

Arkansas Patti said...

I have done a bit of teasing in my time also. Sometimes it involved my hair.