Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!

I gave Ron his valentine and gift this morning.  He told me he was trying to think of something for me and he panicked and didn't get anything.  I got so tickled because this is a result of a Christmas about 5 years ago.  He got me perfume that gave me hives, a choker of pink pearls that really did choke me. (Plus they looked like they belonged to Thurston Howell III's wife Lovey.................)need I say more? and a doll case that was made for King Kong and my doll is more a Thumbalina.  Nothing that year was right.  It ended with me looking at him and asking,  "Have you ever looked at me?  Do you know me at all?" 

Poor Guy....I've made him gun shy.

Mike showed further signs of improvement last night when he told me he thinks he should talk to his doctor about getting a dog.  He said maybe he's not quite ready for that level of responsibility.  I told him that was good thinking and showed he is getting his impulsiveness under control.  Maybe getting a dog is a goal he can work towards.  


Patrick said...

Your story of Christmas past sounds like a great commercial for 'gift cards' :)! .. I had to smile about getting a dog for responsibility why is people never consider cats who have the better perspective 'you exist for no other reason than to attend to my needs.' :)

oklhdan said...

Patrick, how true.