Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CT scan results

OK, here's what I know.  Ron's report was good but left us with areas of concern.  The pleural based nodule in the left lung has previously measured 9 mm and is now 1.1cm.  There is a new irregular nodule in the right lung.  In addition there is a slight bulging of the outer cortex on the right kidney.  They said it had been present on previous exams but now appears slightly more prominent.  Now, none of this really tells us anything but the mention of Ron's only remaining kidney really shook him up.  He wanted to know what it all means.  The doctor explained that if it is cancer the surgeon would try to remove the cancerous section of the kidney and save as much as possible.  If the kidney cannot be saved then of course Ron would be on dialysis.  In some cases they do a cadaver kidney transplant.  But there is concern about having to suppress the immune system.    So, really it is wait three more months and look again.

I was a little surprised to see Ron react the way he did.  He was immediately angry.  I don't know why it surprised me but it did.  I don't think he has ever even entertained the idea that this cancer could spread to his other kidney.  But I think about all possible scenarios.  I just have to give him space to deal with things in his own way.

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Arkansas Patti said...

I understand his anger. I was shaking mad when mine came back. He will settle down and then you just deal with things as they need to be.