Friday, April 23, 2010

Old Coot

We all know older people who think that if it isn't the way it was done when they were young then it just isn't any good.  I don't want to be the old "coot" on the block.  I think technology is wonderful even though I don't always understand how to use it.  I've said before that I really don't "GET" texting but then I'm not 14 years old either.  I sometimes wish I could just follow a 14 year old around for a day and see if they really are as different from the 14 year olds of my day or if they just seem that way to me.  I think my biggest concern for the kids today is whether they are really learning how to really connect with others.  I know they think they are connected 24/7 but on what level?  There is something impersonal about words on a screen (dare I call them words) "DIKU) translated "Do I know you?"  I read recently that another concern is that young people use texting as a way to avoid conflict.  It's much easier to say break up with a girlfriend through a text then to do it face-to-face.  Well, aren't they missing out on valuable lessons that will help them navigate in the adult world?  But then again, the adult world they will be part of will probably be much different from the one I know now.  So far, I've never sent a text, wouldn't know how if I wanted to and am far too lazy to type out a message when I can just talk into a phone.  Sooooo call me an old coot.........I just don't get it!


kenju said...

I certainly send and receive a lot of email, so I'm all for that - but texting? I'm with you. Why not speak to the person? I told my kids I don't want to learn how to text, so don't badger me about it.

Betty said...

"Are they that different....?" Just picture them with a telephone to their ears 24/7 and that would be us. That's how we stayed connected, too, back in the day.

Arkansas Patti said...

I know, they have a phone in their hand so why not actually talk? But that would require more commitment to real conversation and forming complete sentences.
Old foggy here. We used to talk face to face.Our phone was attached to the wall and parents were within ear shot so in person was best.