Monday, April 12, 2010

Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

This is one of my "Grand Dogs".  Her name is Lucy and I know I shouldn't have favorites and I try not to have but I am attached to this little girl.  I think it is because she and her sister were at my house when they were puppies.  Like people, just because she and her sister were litter mates doesn't mean their personalities are alike.  Chloe is as pliable as a rubberband.  She will let my daughter just kiss on her and fold her into a pretzel but Miss Lucy here doesn't like anyone in her face and every time my daughter would try to kiss on her Lucy would growl.  She was a puppy who knew just what she liked and what she didn't.  But Lucy and I bonded.  I was the only person she would let cuddle her and love on her but I always approached her very calmly while my daughter is as hyper as Chloe.  This is Chloe and Lucy as puppies.  Who could resist those faces?
         My  Katie

Lucy has those soulful eyes which remind me of my dog Katie.  There is something about those eyes that make you think there is an old soul resting behind them.   Katie was a lot like Lucy "without the growling".  She didn't like to cuddle but she liked to sit close to you and she greeted me at the door every day after work making me feel like the most important person in her world which I suppose I was.

Dogs and pets in general are wonderful for where else do you have the opportunity to be loved so unconditionally?  They don't care if you have 10 pounds to lose or if you are not as nimble as you once were.  They forgive all your transgressions and love you through your bad moods.  They can help heal a broken heart and make you laugh through your tears.  So, though I don't have any grand children I can brag about my little grand dogs every now and then.  I just wish they could talk!


Olga said...

So cute. It is amazing how different animals can be in temperment and personality.

Linda said...

I often think how nice it will be when our cat and dog are gone but I don't mean it. I would miss them and be right out the door to get another one.