Sunday, April 18, 2010

Let the Mowing Begin

Well, with all the rain we are getting this weekend I have literally watched the grass turn green and it must have grown 2 inches already.  This has been a bit of a dreary weekend but I just look at the rain as a welcome necessity.  It provides an opportunity to curl up with a book and not feel guilty about it. 

We are trying to gear up for my daughter's upcoming surgery.  I purchased a pair of ergonomic crutches for her.  (Now isn't that a gem of a present?)  When I saw the crutches I thought they would be a big improvement over the traditional kind with ergonomic hand supports.  They are definitely strange to look at.  I hope they help her tolerate being on them for so long.

I don't have any plans for today but I'd better get with it and be ready in case I get a great idea!


Linda said...

Wow, looks like you snuck in a post or two that got by me. Will be thinking about you and your daughter. Sounds like you've both got orthopedic issues.

Arkansas Patti said...

Hoping the bone graft goes smoothly and recovery is easy for her. Sounds like a long time to be laid up but you are certainly thoughtful with the crutches.

JR said...

I hope the crutches worked out. I am a sales rep with the company that makes them, Millennial Medical. We would love for you to connect with our facebook page and perhaps post some pics and comments of your daughter using them.