Monday, April 19, 2010


I have a new DIY project on the horizon.  I need to replace a toilet.  Not a very glamorous projec but a necessity all the same.  My standard issue (55 year old toilet) seems to have malfunctioned so I decided I would upgrade to a "comfort height" toilet and save wear and tear on my knee joints.  My quest started yesterday and I NEVER knew there were so many options in toilets these days.  One thing I noticed is that it is hard to find a standard round bowl.  Almost all of them are elongated.  Now, I don't know about anyone else but I just don't have an elongated butt.  In fact, none of my friends have elongated fannies either (at least as far as I can tell).  Isn't that a lot like trying to put a round peg in an elongated hole?  There just has to be some overage!!!!  Another decision to be made is the dual flush versus the regular flush.  So clever.....#1 for #1 and #2 for pooh......How clever!  One feature I want for sure is the self closing lid.  I don't know why I want it since I live alone and no one leaves the lid up unless it is me, but I just think it is clever.  I doubt this will end up being a DIY project since the more I read the more complicated installation sounds.   I may just have to get a porta-potty out back and call it good!


Linda said...

Oh heavens, my son went through this not long ago. He researched and ended up buying one made in Japan.

Personally I think it's a real drag to have to spend so much time on a toilet. Why do we need so many kinds and designs?

Good luck in your search for the right one.

Betty said...

I would love to have one of those bathtubs that you just walk into, with a seat. I have a lot of trouble getting in and out of mine, and a seat helps my back.

kenju said...

My mom had an over height toilet and it was very good for her. In fact, I wish I had one. The self-closing seat doesn't appeal to me - although I'd not turn it down if someone offered me one.
I think the elongated seats are for people who have long legs. I like them.

Arkansas Patti said...

I want one that washes and dries my bum. Didn't know about the 2 flush, good idea.
Also years ago, I invented a pedal operated raising and lowering seat. I thought I had invented the perfect wedding present and had retirement sewed up but someone beat me to it. Alas.
Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever had one of those "manual dexterity" tests? The round peg FALLS through the round hole. An elliptical toilet has been engineered to keep one from falling into the vortex of cleanliness. Engineered, I tell ya.

Don't fight science, you'll only end up all wet.

marciamayo said...

Life has just gotten too complicated.