Thursday, April 8, 2010

Catching Up

I'm at a stand still at work.  I've completed every project that I had going and now I'm kind of twiddling my thumbs.  Since we are in a transition period between administrators I'm kind of in limbo as well.  My current boss already has his feet in the sand on a beach somewhere (so to speak) and my new boss hasn't started her new duties yet. So, here I am with time on my hands.  I hate that.....I'd much rather be overloaded with work than looking for something to do.

My daughter is gearing up for her second knee surgery and since we aren't sure what they will be doing yet it is hard to plan.  The doctor told her she may have to have a bone graph first (which would require her to be non-ambulatory for several weeks) and then after it heals they will go back in for the ACL reconstruction.  I've got my fingers crossed that he can do the ACL without the bone graph.  I'm going to stay with her a few days after she has surgery because although her husband is a former firefighter/EMT he has a horrible bedside manner.  Julie doesn't want him anywhere near her after surgery.  Sooooo good ole mom to the rescue! 

Thank goodness I still love being needed!  It gives me purpose! 


Linda said...

I hope all goes well with your daughter's surgery. It's too bad her husband has such poor bedside manner. She's lucky to have you for a mom.

Olga said...

It is nice to be needed...once in a while anyway. Hope everything goes smoothly for your daughter.