Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Bad Hair Day

It was a long day yesterday.  The monthly board meeting kept me at work until 9:00 pm.  Today should be a smooth day.  

I am once again on the search for the perfect haircut.  I go through this about every 2 years and somehow always end up with the same haircut I started with.  I'm a low maintenance kind of woman and I can't tolerate having to spend too much time blow drying, curling, flat ironing, etc.  In fact I pretty much don't know how to do any of those things.  I wish I had naturally curly hair that I could just wash and fluff!  But then don't we always want the opposite of what we have?  The last two times I've seen my stylist I have said "Do what you will" and her will involved letting my hair grow.  That wasn't so bad for about 2 months but now it has hit the stage where I will either have to learn how to do the above mentioned (curling) or I'm going to have to shave my head.  (Not a good look for me)  I think my real problem is lack of patience.  I rank picking the right haircut right up there with picking our glasses frames!  I have yet to find the perfect pair of glasses and I've worn them for 51 years!!!!! I've got some pictures from grade school that would just make the hair stand up on your head.  I can't imagine why my mother allowed me to look like that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But then she's the one who used to try and cut my bangs and they ended up as straight as a ski slope.   What amazes me is how we can think we are just the cutest thing on the block!!!!! I mean we must think we are at the time or why else would we go out in public with cat eyed rhinestone frames in the most hideous shade of green known to man?   Yep, I was a looker!  A true nine year old temptress!  My taste didn't improve in Jr. High either....that was my Ben Franklin period.  Those square shaped metal rim put me in a thunderstorm with a kite pair of glasses.  I still don't know what image I was trying to achieve.  Then there was my Sally Jessie Raphael period when I sported my own pair of HUGE red frames.  I even frosted my hair blonde for the total talk show host affect.
I do like her haircut!  Anyway.....change is not easy.  We long for it and resist it at the same time.  There is comfort in the familiar yet familiarity breeds contemptSo I guess I'm doomed to more bad hair days and the continued quest for perfection.


Arkansas Patti said...

Know the feeling. Each spring I vow to get a new look. A hair cut where I can just get out of bed, shake my head and be ready to go. I have been scouring the internet for cute cuts and will probably get the usual cut, usual perm and usual look.
I kind of beats the waiting desperately for a bad hair cut to grow out. Good luck.

Linda said...

If you find it please let me know and I'll come running!

kenju said...

I am in the throes of letting my hair grow a little right now, and I feel your pain. I prefer a style where I can wash and towel dry and finger-crimp a little - but now I am getting reacquainted with blowers and curling brushes - and I'm not liking that much!!

Anonymous said...

I started letting my hair grow in 1968, after my bff commented about how great I looked wearing her fall (partial wig - don't know what they call 'em these days.) Wore my hair long for 30 years - spending hours each week drying the stuff on big, fat rollers (naturally curly, so I had to take some of the frizz out!)

Shortly after my mom died (1994-ish) I cut my hair short. Now, I wonder why in tarnation I wore long hair at all. Vanity. I thought I looked good. Well...for me, I probably did; but, it wasn't worth the wasted time and effort - and - it probably didn't look all that good in the middle of the day when it hadn't been brushed for an hour or six.
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