Friday, October 23, 2009


Yesterday I completed diabetic class #3. This was the class on diet and nutrition so I learned quite a bit. After reviewing my food diary the dietitian advised me that I'm not eating enough........NOW THAT'S A FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! and that my diet doesn't have enough fat in it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that is really a 1st! She explained all the chemistry behind not getting enough fat in your diet and how it affects blood sugar but she had me at "not enough". I can definitely remedy that situation!

I am now up to an hour on my recumbent bike. Two 30 minute sessions, one after breakfast and one after dinner. My next goal is to just increase overall activity. Get out of the house and walk or go to the Y and swim. Something fun like a Zumba Gold class. Anyone ever take one of these ? They offer them at our local YMCA but only during the day. I haven't been able to find any dvd's to purchase so I may be out of luck on that one. It sounds like fun though.

My daughters and their friends are having a garage sale at Ron's house tomorrow. I was hoping they would motivate Ron to start getting rid of stuff but I'm beginning to think he is a hoarder. He inherited his parent's home and nothing has been touched in it since 1967. When I say nothing.....I mean nothing....The first time I went there I thought I was in a Twilight Zone Episode....or a scene from the Time Machine. His mother died a long time ago unexpectedly at home and Ron's dad wouldn't let anything be moved or touched after her death, from the knick-knacks to the magazines on the coffee table in the formal living room. They built the house in 1967 and nothing has been changed or updated since then. Still has the same stove/refrigerator/etc. and they are in perfect working order. (They took good care of their things) Ron acts like the museum caretaker.....but it is too sensitive a subject to discuss with him. I think his inability to let go has a lot to do with why our relationship never progressed to marriage along with some financial reasons. I had hoped he might get motivated this time but nope.....he's not ready. Now, his dad has been gone for about 15 years and his mother even longer. I'm not holding out hope that Ron will ever be ready to let go.


kenju said...

Who knows why he still has all that stuff, but he needs the show "Clean House" to come in and help him part with all that old clutter!!

I wish my doc would say I need more fat....LOL

Arkansas Patti said...

Boy am I with kenju on the "more fat" order. Fat chance I will ever hear that. Sorry, couldn't resist.

I have never been a hoarder as I have moved too much. That will break you in a hurry. Have no idea how you break that habit without moving. Lets hope the yard sale inspires him.