Monday, October 19, 2009

Sugar, Sugar, are my candy girl!

I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on my blood glucose levels. The first 4 days that I was checking my blood glucose after every meal I found it was fluctuating all over the place. I wrote down every bite I took and after 4 days I was able to see what I was eating that was making it spike. I adjusted portion sizes and reduced carbs and the next 4 days I didn’t have a single spike. That made me feel a whole lot more in control. I also lost 8 pounds and that was a real bonus! I started riding my bike again and walking more (short walks to the grocery store, etc). What amazes me most is how those simple changes worked and how much better I feel overall just getting the glucose levels lower. My mood has improved and I’m beginning to feel like myself again. Hooray! I need to keep increasing my activity but slowly I think I will accomplish that goal.

My town does a spring and fall clean-up where you can put anything out by the curb and it will be hauled away at no extra charge. This year I needed to discard an old gazebo frame and I managed to get that down Saturday. The patio looks a little bare but maybe in the spring I will replace it with a new one. It’s great to be able to do a little fall cleaning and spring cleaning every year. I’d never find a way to haul that stuff to the dump on my own.

This weekend my daughters are planning a garage sale. I don’t have much to contribute but I’ll have a few things. They are going to use Ron’s garage since we already have it set up with clothes racks and shelves. I enjoy sitting out there and seeing all the neighbors and people who come by. It’s just a social gathering to me. Guess that’s because I love to talk to everybody.

I have a slow week this week at work. I’m going to the diabetes clinic Thursday morning for a 4 hour class. It will be the last class until the final one in November. (Just in time for Thanksgiving) I’ve learned a lot from the classes and hope I’ll be able to stay focused. I’m determined to keep it under control. My father lost his sight to diabetes and I don’t want the same fate. Of course my dad never did try to eat right. My older brother has the disease but has managed his quite successfully for the past 12 years. I think I’ll follow his example and not my dad’s!


kenju said...

Diabetes is nothing to play around with, so I am glad to know that you will follow your brother's example and not your dad's.

Arkansas Patti said...

Way to go girl. Think it is wonderful you are getting a handle on you diabetes and can feel the difference. Keep up the exercise also, it is so important.
Hum, pretty sure there is a lesson here for me too. I've been house bound too long due to the weather. Now that the sun is out, I should be too. Thanks for the reminder.