Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It is a dark gray morning here and rain is expected. Lucky for me I got my gutters cleaned out yesterday before the rain hits. My house is surrounded by trees and though I like the new guttering I can see it will be a chore to keep the gutters clean. I've been looking at different gadgets to install on the gutters to eliminate that chore. One of them was the gutter brushes above. Anyone ever tried these? Looks simple enough but a little expensive. They remind of old fashion bottle brushes. I know they make some kind of screen that you can put over the gutters as well. Home never ends.

Ron went to the doctor yesterday and he was sent for an ultrasound on his leg. The doctor suspected he had a blood clot but fortunately it wasn't "in an important vein". I guess they called it superficial so it only requires heating pad and aspirin. He saw his primary care doctor and he will see him again in 4 months. He won't see the urologist again until March. Overall Ron seems to be feeling good and has resumed his normal activities.

We have had several of our employees come down with the swine flu. No one has been seriously affected by it so far. Our main concern is the children here at the hospital as all of them have weakened immune systems. We are screening new patients for signs or symptoms before admission. So far I think everyone has done a great job. I haven't taken the vaccine yet but I believe it will be offered by the end of the week. We are getting the nasal spray and it is made from the live virus. I'm not sure if I will take it or not. I am in the age group that is less vulnerable because I probably have some antibody already. See, there are advantages to being older after all.


kenju said...

Good news about Ron. I am not sure if I will need the H1N1 vaccine either - I was around when the original swine flu came through...LOL

I have not seen those gutter brushes at all, but I know about the screens. I think they work well.

Arkansas Patti said...

So glad Ron is doing so well. It is always comforting when follow ups are months off.
Can't help with the gutters, I don't have any on my wrap around porch.
Good luck with the flu prevention. Last shot I had was many years ago with a live virus and sure enough, I got a mild dose of the flu. Since then, no shots and no flu.
Love being at the age of least concern.