Monday, October 26, 2009

I've never had a problem telling stories on myself or laughing at myself. This was something I learned from my dad. He was such a teaser and if we sulked or something he would ask if we'd rather be ignored. I definitely didn't think I'd like being ignored so I quickly learned to take the teasing and laugh at myself as well.

Shortly after my husband I divorced I was at the beauty shop getting my hair cut and telling stories on myself when my beautician said, "I can't believe your husband left you, you're not boring at all."

At first I didn't know how to respond to her frank observation but then I just cracked up. She was right.......I'm NOT boring at all! I guess HE just didn't have a good sense of humor!

So --- back in the day when I was still young and married my husband was working the night shift as a police officer. We had purchased our first house and decided we would paint before we moved in. One evening I was at the house painting and my husband was on duty so I had fixed a picnic supper so he could stop by and eat with me. It was in the summer time and the house was hot so I had all the windows open and had put on my bathing suit to stay cool while I painted. There were no curtains up since we hadn’t moved in yet and this allowed the air to circulate pretty well. It was quite dark outside when I saw the patrol call pull up in the driveway. No one got out right away so I figured my husband was on the radio talking to the dispatcher. I was about 21 years old and still a bride at the time so I decided to “entice” my young husband into the house. I slipped over by the front window and quickly took off the top to my bathing suit and reached out and dangled it in front of the window. The spotlight of the cruiser came on and shown on the window so I jumped out in front of the window and then darted back out of sight. I did this a couple of times and then waited for what I was sure would be a stampede into the house. But, no one got out of the cruiser. I waited a bit longer and then quickly got my top back on. Finally the doorbell rang and when I opened it expecting to see my husband I was met instead by an officer I had never seen before. He just stood on my porch grinning from ear to ear and said he had stopped by to give me a message from my husband. He said Jim would be late for dinner as he was tied up working an automobile accident. Then the grinning officer added, “But the remainder of the shift will be by in 15 minute increments.”

See! I wasn't boring at all!


kenju said...

No, you were not!! I can't believe you did that...LOL

Years ago, there was a woman writer who said we ought to wrap our naked bodies in saran wrap and greet our husbands at the door like that. I like the idea, but I was always afraid that would be the night he decided to bring home a co-worker for dinner.

Arkansas Patti said...

I'm still laughing about that. That is one way to make sure you have police protection all night. Just love that the officer was able to deliver the message and grin.

Olga said...

That is too funny! I admire your bravery...and confidence.