Friday, October 16, 2009

Dream Big

What would I do if I had my whole life still in front of me? I’d like to think I’d waste not one moment of it. I’d think before acting. I’d save 15% of every paycheck. I’d exercise and eat well every day. I’d spend at least 8 hours a week doing volunteer service. I’d stay in school and graduate before marriage and babies. I’d get an advanced degree. I’d travel somewhere new at least once a year. I’d plan well and dream big.

For me the hardest part of getting older is that there is more time behind me than ahead. I guess it is normal to feel some anxiety about the future when you turn sixty years of age. For me it was truly a landmark birthday. I became an orphan and the new matriarch of the family. I felt as if I was in a game of tag and I didn’t move fast enough. “Tag…. I’m It.” Only, I don’t want to be “IT”. Suddenly I’m thinking about a durable power of attorney, handicapped accessible bathrooms and living wills. Do I have all my ducks in a row? When can I sit back and just relax?

I enjoyed reading Arkansas Patti's post today about what she did when she turned sixty. She found something that gave her her sense of power and control back. I'm probably not going to take up motorcycle riding or even horseback riding as I am terrified of both but I'm definitely going to give some thought to creating my own bucket list.

There are times when I wish I could ask my mother how she found the courage to grow old. She once told me that every age has its blessings. I’m trying to focus on those words. I’m trying to think past the arthritis and elevated blood sugar. I’m trying to remember to plan well and dream big!


Arkansas Patti said...

Thanks, I am so glad you liked my post.
I do hope you find something to give you direction and purpose but mainly just brings fun into your life. There really is so much time left if we don't waste it and I am so guilty of letting hours and days slide by sort of zoned out.
I try to remember that eventually, I will think of these as the good old days and I shouldn't waste them.
Even now, I think of how great it was to be sixty. Someday if I am lucky, I will think about all the things I enjoyed when I was seventy. All things are relative.
Mainly, just do things that bring you pleasure, if only making a heart shaped PB&J for someone you love. The first step is the hardest, after that, each step gets easier.
Now if I could only do that myself regarding exercise. Trust me, we all struggle.

kenju said...

I don't think we have to search for courage to grow old. We should simply do what we can to keep ourselves healthy and then take one day at a time. I am about to be 69, and at one time, that age was something I thought I'd never see. I hope I'll be saying that about 79 and even 89 - as long as I am able to maintain my health and the ability to move about.