Thursday, May 14, 2009

Auntie Em, Auntie Em

Tornado season in Oklahoma is here and every year I wish I had a basement with a bed in it. I'd just go crawl in it and go to sleep and let the sirens blow. My daughter called me last night all excited saying a tornado was coming straight for her house. She wanted to get in her car and drive to my house. Then she said, "Oh, nope it's coming toward your house, I'm going back to bed." So I got in the hallway with a bunch of pillows. Ever since the May 3rd tornado 10 years ago I have a whole new respect for twisters. The devastation from an F5 tornado is mind numbing. It truly did look like a war zone. So many of my co-workers either lost homes or had family members affected by the storm. This morning I was talking to one of our nurses and she said that she remembers the story about a little baby being torn out of her mother's arms. The child was found several miles away covered in mud but otherwise unharmed. What a miracle! Christa said she now dresses her little boys in bright colored clothing when a storm is brewing. That way she would hope it would help rescuers find them if they were lost in a storm. She was even thinking about making special "tornado pajamas" with reflective tape on them. She wants to call them "Nado Jammies". I suggested she put a flying house on the front made out of reflective tape. Now, that should scare the jammies off a kid don't you think? There is only one flaw with her well will they reflect light if they are covered in mud?

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