Monday, August 11, 2008


I can't believe the most expensive shoes I ever purchased are tennis shoes! I'm such an impulse shopper. Just give me a good sales pitch and I'm sold. Just ask my daughters. The promise of good posture and no back pain....ok I'm in! Here's the pitch that got me: MBT's were developed to cure back and joint problems, MBTs help to strengthen and tone the body, improve sports performance and help people lose inches. (That alone was my cue to purchase)

Due to MBT's unique patented curved layered sole, it lengthens the body into a tall, upright posture and encourages use of neglected muscle groups. (As opposed to knuckle dragging) When walking or jogging users engage untrained muscles and burn more calories, helping people to tone and to lose weight efficiently. Even while standing the muscles continue working to maintain a centre of balance. (NOW they had me at hello, you might just lose weight, but I went on to hear the rest)

The MBT range of footwear is designed to allow you to walk on a soft, uneven surface in order to stimulate exceptional muscle use; so increasing tone, alignment throughout the body, benefiting circulation and giving you a feeling of overall good health and well being. Now wouldn't you pay ummmmmmmmmmm dollars to have an overall since of well being? I've paid counselors even more in an attempt to achieve that goal and I didn't lose an ounce in the process. But then I was once told that for a $1.00 bottle of wine you can be the best dressed, a eloquent speaker, and a spiffy dancer too! Which is the better bargain? You do the math.

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HA! I think I'd prefer the wine!

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